Thursday, 11 November 2010

Module1- Illusion of life-Jump

In order to see how a jump is preformsed, the class got int o groups and some people jumped whele others drew from action. this was helpful as it showed me where start and end up after the jump is complere, which foot is the take off foot and how the other one comes up, etc. From there it was quiet simple to draw the inbetweens. I also looked in the books for the jump breakdown and drew it myself so i understood the anticipation, action and reaction.

I thought it might be easier to animate a jump with an object underneath the jumper, so I animated it ut it looked more like somone jumping hurdles than a big jump and i whished to retry with something more creative.
I then decided to do a backflip, so i looked at videos on utube of people  preforming them and from that i decided to put another aspect into it, a soft cube sounded realy good and so  i did a quick plan and began animating straight away. I decided to use my created character, Peanut man to do this animation rather than a stick man because i felt it was easier to see left foot from right foot.

I am really happy with the final piece here and i feel its the best one ive done so far in that it looks the neatest.