L5 Collaborative Advert

This was a collaberative project with Advertising students and Graphis design students. I enjoyed it, and have learnt alot of clever ways to animate in After fx. This is officially the first ever animation I have done which is completely using that programme.

Below, starting from the bottom are 2 posters I made to show strategies we could use to sell the product. These were simple ideas which could have been developed.

Through group discussions we came up with the idea of using 'simple, natural ingredients' as a theme. I had a previous idea of a man who drank the product and felt refreshed. The group felt this theme had been revised too much and the 'simple, natural ingredients' linked in with the origioal innocent drinks.

After watching Sara Hornby's stopmotion work, some members of my group wanted to do a stopmotion advert. I felt this may take too long and would be rather difficult to perfect,because of timing and having to reanimate a whole scene is one thing went wrong.(It was not an efficient way to tackle the task at hand), The group still wanted to try it, so we decided to create the first scene in both Stopmotion and After FX, in order to see which one looked better. We felt the Stopmotion was the best but we would not be able to make it as smooth as we wanted. I was able to use After FX to make the animation appear as though it was done using stopmotion by scanning in the props and images used in the Stopmotion.

The growing tree took the longest to create, we origionlly tried to make a very realistic growing tree using Photoshop and Flash to animate. I was learning new effects in After FX when I discovered that this was a nice way to make a tree grow, because we did not need a realistic growth, only a believable growing tree.

Below are all the videos i made in this process: