Sunday, 6 February 2011

Module2- Character Preformance and Believibility- Armature

 Ok so i started off by creating a body  which i could edit  slightly  in order to make different characters, this is a helpfull thing because if one body breaks you know how to fix all of them from that experience.

i first made the wires to size , so i knew they would fit in the wooden bodybox.

 Had the above few problems making the box where the  drill diddnt  drill through propperly first time so i had to line it up both sides which took severel attempts but thats what it looked like .
 This is what it looks like inside and out ...
 so now its time for the hands and feet, both of which are made of wire, miliput and the clay on top.

you can break the miliput and twist both arms and legs off if something goes wrong and the thing needs mending.
 designing and making the head out of cardboard for lightness. in the end it had a pin throught the middle which so it can turn its neck without falling off and also easily change heads.. the top of the head is not fully square so it dosent look like sponge bob square pants . its a bit more flexible and i can put a hat on it and it will grip it aswell.

Next, some plasticine skin ..

so miliput holds the parts together and  the heavy plasticine is lightly  put on top with thin layers.  miliput too aaaages to dry. grr  dont tink i mixed it well enough. . the mouth is replacable by a pin which hooks into the face and the lip expression i want him to have! :D

 now that he can stand, hes ready to be  clothed. but he needs some  cotton wool to beef him up . preety simple and quick and light and easily movable.
 so i stuck the green tshirt on with double sided tape and  cut up some old tracksuit for the jacket and obviously jeans, for his.

 leaned how to stitch from my mum! .. thanks mum:D .  and preety much got on with it, you have to stitch the clothes on to the armature, cant slip them on and off which is a bit annoying !  but as you can see he still stands and lives happily ever after !