Thursday, 26 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital - Exploring Maya further

 started watching a few more Utube videos and asking some second year students about what they know and i thought id try making a vehicle which could be driven using some locators. i started off and found out it was more difficult than i thought. i first put an expression on all 4 wheels to make them rotate as the locator was moved in the Y axis, but it ment i could not then put a second expression on the front 2 wheels to make them turn. i tried to create a skeleton for the wheels to turn  but that streched and miss shaped them. i then found out about the connection editor box below:
 i could use this to match things up behind the scenes and it seems to be alot easier to use as oppose to  trying to decide whihc constraint is best for certain animations.
i also found it usefull to group a few objects and find this particularly helpfull as a friend has asked me to create a bicycle animation and i can use this to group the pedels with the wheels so they all spin in sync.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital -mood board and improvement

mood board

originally i manually animated the coin rolling into the bottle and the bottle rolling off it he table into the basket. the result made it look inaccurate and magnetic. so i made a smaller video with a similar set up and parented both objects to a locator and setting expressions for them to roll on their own which makes it look much more realistic. below is the code i used to put an expression on the coin:
coin1.rotateZ=(coinlocator.translateX / (2 * 3.14 * 1)) * -360;

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital - Final Piece after editing

in this project i was learning as i went along so theres alot of stuff that worked and alot that didnt, it started off difficult because i couldnt get the hang of maya, then it was exciting when i could do it, but annoying when it started playing up closer to the end. i dont like illistrater at all, and hated drawing on a pc tablet. photoshop was just a good and efficient way of working, so no bother there. 


testing lighting and some tweeking before and after shots:

Texture Library

Final Video:

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital - Preview render

so when i played back my video in maya preview it seemed longet than 10 seconds but after i rendered it Windows movie maker made it slower so i put a few speed eefects on it to get it as close to real time as possible but i think it may be too short so i am thinking of extending it so that instead of just having th cue ball pot the black at the end, i can animate a 'break' (beginning shot of a pool game).

Friday, 6 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital - Maya render first try

i made this video of a fan turning and moving from side to side so i could show i know how to use 2 main skills in my animation, spining and parenting. unfortunately i forgot to set the preview in real time so this video is kinda slow. but i know  know what im doing. =)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Module3- 2D and 3D Digital - Fold up Chair and Chicken

Making a folding chair looked difficult to start off with because of all the mechanisms but i decided to keep it simple, stay away from those and just create a simple shape. i thought it would be hard to interlock the multiple shapes but it was not, i diddnt complete the chair to the best, it could be but instead i saved it and moved on.


ok again i was just playing around with polygons and playing with different sub-devides.
this tutorial came in helpful: