Sunday, 17 July 2011

Experiment with 'Make your own morph'

 This is a make your own morph kit which i bought a long time ago and could never make. then one day a friend of mine puts it together so perfectly that i kept it in the box like that, as i was unpacking i found it and decided to try and animate with it. but aniamting with this thing is the hardest thing in the world. its very top heavy so it toppels over alot. Which is why i made it a make shift support using a chop stick and blu-tac.
 You can see the crappy £5 web cam on the left which is so bad that i cant even adgust the exposure and gamma etc. i wanted to make it look like hes drawing a picture on the floor with that pencil, but morph kept falling over even while being supported by the pencil. so i balanced it on the rubber to keep the pencil from slipping. But even with this support Morph keeps breaking and i dont have the patience to keep smoothing the plastacine. Maby if i had someone helping me to click the frames i would try again but this was fun while it lasted, heres the 1 test i did before i got bored :).