Monday, 24 October 2011

Narrative, Adaptation and Interpretation: Practicing After FX

I have been making these simple animations to get used to and experiemnt with After FX as it is the programme we have selected to use for our final piece. i aim to make plenty more similar ones of a camera panning through buildings and small characters moving around screen in sync. i want to use the 3d view which i have not yet used for myself and see what i can achieve with the different option of camera angles. The top 2 animations are the final ones which will be put in the animation, the things i learnt was how to animate a 2 node camera in 3D space which allowed me to achieve the final piece.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Narrative, Adaptation and Interpretation: Developing new idea

Ok so I went out to interview the guy who leases retail space for the custard factory and then used what he said to write first draft of the narrators script. Took longet to do than it sounds.
Narrator's dialogue:
Hi there, were here today because were looking for some people. 
But not just anyone, were looking for creative people. People who are natural designers with aspirations. were looking for young and old talent, and people who can put turn that talent into a strategy for a business. But not our business, your business! Your idea! your market! 

We know creative people like being around other creative people, and that is something the cooperate high street can never have. Everyone wants to know where the cool record store is, where the independent book shop is and where the vintage fashion shop is. 
Our community of niche businesses creates that dynamic and exciting subculture. Its a place where you would meet your friends because its a good gig, because its a nice bar or just because its just a cool place to hang out. We don't want leading brands! Where the city within a city and our city is a work or art! 

There was a story of a man called Sir Alfred Bird who made millions making egg-less custard, but it was originally a love gift to his wife who was allergic to eggs. Well, were based in his custard factory, and it is because of this intimacy that we want the right kind people. People who understand the link between retail, culture and art! 

Were not a PLC board of directors, so we can respond quickly clients without the whole suit and tie attitude. Accross 15 acers of land, which is a stones throw from the city centre, we offer, galleries, theaters, offices and retail space. Weve been here for over 20 years and are giving this shout out small creative entrepenures and buisnesses looking for affordable studios. 

We are the Custard Factory in Birmingham, Digbeth. Come on down, and disocver it for yourself...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Narrative, Adaptation and Interpretation: Out with old and in with the New.. Ideas

Story Board derived from origional research:

This was rejected by the group because it was too character based and abstract, menaing i had to explain what i ment by the different things that were going on. to make it into an advert to attract young creative small buisness owners, it was too bleak. Also just after i made this i booked an interview with the Custard factory Boss, who gave me another, much simpler idea and the 2 adverts below show the way the group wants to tell the story. we would althought like to use some of the photographs we took of the buildings rather than the basic shapes used in the advert below. my role now is to make the script for the narrator and derrive the storyboard from it.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Narrative, Adaptation and Interpretation: Research

Old map of Digbeth

Rather than just looking online for information on Digbeth, i decided to go down to Custard Factory and interview some people. i have persuaded my group to work on my idea of a Custard Factory advert. Below are some screenprints of how i used Adobe Final Cut to put my risearch together. this is the first time ive used Final cut properly.

Digbeth Interview research from Rizwan Khan on Vimeo.

 This screen shot shows the difference between the origional photo taken from my camera (outer grey rectangle), and the same photo after its been edited and cleared up in photoshop (inner grey rectangle). Ive been trying to learn Adobe AfterFX but have had a few problems animating and rendering because i accidnetly used photos with a high polly count. im now learning from basics with better Story board and anamatic comming soon.
Animate the different logos and Grafitti around Digbeth?
Knetic text animation ideas 1

Knetic text animation ideas 2

Knetic text animation ideas 3

Stopmotion animation using inanimate objects mooving around the factory or lots of close up shots used to make up a larger image of the factory like Hockney

Knetic text animation ideas4

Could be used as a background to Knetic Text animation

Taking note of Text style, try to match it