Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sugar Water Music Video Directed by Michel Gondry 1996

This music video by Michel Gondry is very inspirational to me, It has taken me several viewings to figure out how he has created the effect. but every time i watch it, it seems as though I have missed something. I believe that the video is played normally on the left and in reverse on the right  but also flipped over. then half way through, both videos are played in the opposite direction but also flipped over. there is definitely some sort of weird transaction when the camera zooms into that message reading ' you killed me' in the middle of the video. and because our eyes are naturally used to reading writing on the screen forgetting that its a split screen, we miss the change over. I may be wrong. 

This video reminds me that special effects don't always have to be complicated to be amazing. Some times keeping it simple creates more of an impact.

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